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Originally Posted by Nutshell View Post
Except Aper who clearly has nothing to do but Trolling....
Aper has a point, though. There's a lot of threads on the topic already.
We can give our opinions, but each platform has their draw backs, and it's up to you to research what you will put up with.

For example, KJW only came out with regular stanag looking mags recently, and a lot of people avoided KJW because they didn't like the thermold style mags.
I personally love them. It keeps them more snug in my open top mag pouches, holds more gas, and looks slightly more unique.

If WE is the most common GBBR amongst your friends, you may want to go with it, so that you can share mags.

If you're on a budget, avoid WA, because depending on the brand, their mags can be well over $100 each for top quality.
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