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A little GBBR help

I've been using my TM mp7 and ksc FPG Gas Blowback system now for about 2 years in CQB and for the most part , pretty reliable... Now I think Im ready for my first M4 GBBR

I've been running a decent M4 AEG for 6 years now and I dont want to spend 2000$ on an PTW.

So I guess is I'm asking you guys what is a good company to start up my project
Alot of peole in MTL are running WE ....Im not so convinced its the best route to take.
I have a G&P AEg , so I was thinking G&P...... I need to know from someone who has tested and fielded . Whats the best for an affordable price

Can I get some suggestions and the reasons.

Thanks guys

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