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i have a redirect on my mail from my place to my girlfriends place, i thought i could get my mail quicker to have it directed to where i stay most days. OH MY sweet justice they cant get anything right.

i got my dad's mail, with my redirect sticker on it, similar names but cmon.

2 of my WCB cheques came on the same day, leaving me without pay for 4+ weeks. initially cheque hadnt come by day 11 after sending, WCB suggests i put a stop payment on it and get my DD info sorted so when it's reissued i can have it right away. The front desk person in DD department couldnt read the fax and got the numbers wrong and decided not to tell anyone. a week goes by and one finds out they have already sent the reissued cheque supposedly lost. I think it's strange i would get my reissued cheque and the due cheque on the same day thereafter...

must be their redirection, i paid quite a lot of money for, 3 months service being done when mail hits a quota for that service in that area, or they only do it on certain days. But believe me when i say ill never use canada post's redirection service, i wouldnt have missed the cheque if it had been delivered on time, i wouldnt have to jump through hoops with WCB, they just dropped the ball big time and messed everything up.

all the while not having contact with illusion to have a refund after 2 months of run arounds. I only borrowed from all my friends and wrecked my credit rating. sall good now up and up!

but EFF CP
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