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Originally Posted by Future_Sniper_
it seems like people are trying to make this into a competition, like $101? isnt that a little excessive, maybe if your rich I dont know. Wheres the money gonna go when asc's fee's have been paid, are we gonna do fundraisers and have big get togethers and free food? like I dont know, just throwing ideas into the air here.
I think you take post #1 at face value and decide if you agree with the premise or not and go from there. I know there are those who totally disagree (outraged would be a better word) with this and those who don't care and those who think its a good idea. Some people could be competing, but, who cares except those who compete at it? and for what they are competing for, I wouldn't know. Last time I checked, I wasn't worried what anyone spent their money on, as its none of my business (btw, if you buy Excel BBs your hair will fall out and your balls will shrink...).

As far as accountability of the funds, its a donation and nothing in post #1 is indicating there is any obligation to disclose anything to anyone, or be responsible to anyone for any of it. Again, caveat emptor. If you have expectations of something in return for the donation aside from a little graphic, don't bother donating because you will be disappointed I am sure.

As for the levels, I'm on other forums that do something similar, so from my experience, there is nothing unusual or unique about that. Does it foster competition? I suppose... to those who care about such things.

Originally Posted by rebort
maybe HoJo will get something else..
My suggestion?

... oooohhhh Britney....
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