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Out of curiousity, wheres all this money going. I hear everyone saying they love to support asc, but is asc really this expensive to host? Wasnt this site originally made or intended to be made for Tru's selling of airsoft goods and exchanging of airsoft goods? Didnt he always pay for this in the past? Just seems abit odd all of a sudden we are trying to do fund raising for asc but we dont really know where its all going, all we know is we get free web space.

Im pretty sure at this rate asc could be funded for a few years, it seems like people are trying to make this into a competition, like $101? isnt that a little excessive, maybe if your rich I dont know. Wheres the money gonna go when asc's fee's have been paid, are we gonna do fundraisers and have big get togethers and free food? like I dont know, just throwing ideas into the air here.
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