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Question WE AK PMC gbbr and the VFC H&K416 gbbr and other noob questions

Question 1:

I was wondering, is this PMC AK an AKM or a AK-74. It seems im getting conflicting reports when I try to research it. Some stores classify it as a 74, some as a 47, some as a AKM.

Question 2:
Im looking to get into airsoft and the WE AK PMC gbbr and VFC H&K416 gbbr are the ones that really caught my eye. From the research iv done iv been able to gather that the AK is pretty decent but with weak internals (which from what I understand are replaceable), and the HK is great but has a lower accuracy and is a bit pricy. Can anyone give me some advice in helping me choose with which gun I should go with between these two?

Question 3

Is it possible to shorten the barrel length on this HK416 from 14inches to 10inches? I remember hearing something about having the ability to do that with this model, but I need to confirm it.

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