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depends on the amount of particles in the air, all lasers can form that solid beam path
The difference is in the dot, really.
The 5mw is noticeably brighter than the 1mw or lower.

I've tuned down an IR diode but have yet to find someone with a laser power meter to effectively measure it lol
Anyway compared side by side with a 5mw IR laser, the 5mw makes a VERY bright dot, easily visible from hundreds of feet away, "unnecessarily bright for airsoft"
The laser I've tuned down makes a dot with no glare to it, and frankly I doubt you buddy standing beside you would even notice it at 200 feet unless he knew the general area of it. It's "visible enough" to me at 300ft, but it's definitely not like swinging around a lightsaber like the 5mw lol
I'm pretty sure I've just tuned it down way too much and it's under .5mw, but I've also got the beam nice and tight so it's only making about a 1" dot out at 200ft.

Just gotta find someone with a laser power meter now... used to be a guy in wpg, but he left airsoft a long while back
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