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Originally Posted by Aquamarine View Post
I just wanted to share this. It made me giggle, it made me feel old, it made me feel like you do about 30 minutes before your constipation lets up and makes you wonder "Are... you.... SERIOUS????"

So I called up an airsoft shop in central Alberta as I needed some magazines for an old TM L96 that I figure is worth it's time to get up and running again rather than go out and searching for a new one. I called the shop as I saw they had L96 style magazines that LOOKED like the same TM versions.... The conversation went like this...
Me: "Do those 'C-TAC' magazines for the L96 fit in the Tokyo Marui L96? They appear to be made the same with the same loading and slot design..."

Salesguy: "Uhh.. I don't think so 'cuz the C-TAC is a unique design so I'm pretty sure they, umm.... I don't think so, but gimme a sec."

**Put on Hold**

Salesguy: "So I just asked someone and ya they might fit, but it looks like Tokyo Maruoo copied C-TAC so they might fit."

Tokyo Maroo

I thanked him for his time, chuckled, and quickly deleted the bookmark I had for that shop.
I would like to correct the information above, as the individual you spoke to was myself. I will not put the conversation in quotes, as I did not write down the conversation. I can also assure you I do not use slang such as cuz, gimmie, ya etc.

You had asked if the C-TAC AWP Mag would fit, not the L96 Mag. Important info since you do not make note of it here. I clearly stated that I did not know if it would fit or not, as the C-TAC AWP mag does not fit in the C-TAC L96. We do not have a TM L96 to compare it to, after checking with the Tech he said they should work fine as the C-TAC AWP is a close clone of the TM L96 (something which I told you I had not realized) but we could not say for sure as we have not personally tested them.

If you look at the C-TAC L96 Mag it is clearly different than the TM L96 mag. The AWP Mag which you asked about is not so obviously similar or different without having them side by side.

It is important for us to ensure you are not misinformed, thus the reason for your being placed on hold so an associate more experienced could be consulted.

It is unfortunate you were not happy with the experience (my needing to ask for clarity), and I am sorry for that, but I felt it was important you received the correct info when I was unsure, and that is what you received.


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