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Hello guys!
I'm Zack, Ive had this account sense I was about 14. But I clearly was not old enough to play or "legally" buy airsoft rifles. Now i am 18! I have been for awhile now and I want to really start getting into airsoft again! (The legal way)
A little about my self:
I am in the Canadian forces (Infantry) 1st Nova Sctotia Highlanders C-coy
I live in Nova Scotia.

I am actually interested in being a sniper on the airsoft field (and in real life). I am no little kid that will run into the field thinking this is call of duty. I am fully aware of wind direction, temperature and fps,velocity. (Obviously temp wouldnt apply in airsoft as much as real life but its still something to take into account.)

ALSO: I want to get age verified so I can look at some of the rifles in my area. I can do this today or this week anytime if there is someone in Truro Nova Scotia?

Nice to meet all you guys and Im glad to finally join the community !

~Zack Graham

EDIT: I had my old account sense I was 14 (zackroman) But this is my new one seeing as I forget the password. So that account can be deleted!

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