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I tried to get age verified but was unable. Everyone I was told to contact here in Manitoba either doesn't do it anymore or just won't answer me. I have however been able to get all the info I needed and purchase guns and gear without it. I would never buy used guns from anyone I didn't personally know anyway so is there really a point to age verification anyway? I'm not trying to be an ass, I would really like to know if there's something I'm missing.
The list of AV'ers is dated. Best to check for regular games near you to see if anyone in attendance can age verify you. And given the nature around airsoft guns, sometimes buying used or modified is beneficial. Some guns of certain brands may be prone to wear and tear so players install aftermarket parts, tune up their guns, and break it all in to run smoothly at a fraction of the cost of buying the gun and parts yourself then finding a gundoc to work out the finer details unless you can do it all yourself.
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