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Originally Posted by 16wiebeke View Post
Thanks, but i'm still confused. I thought you could have a replica air-soft gun in canada if it shot more than 366 fps and lower than 500fps, and it wouldn't be prohibited. And why would 007 air soft say it is legal when it isn't?
Originally Posted by 16wiebeke View Post
Also, some people say that once it's in Canada it is fully legal. True or False?
The FPS range is strictly for importation.

Most, if not all, Green Gas/Propane powered pistols will shoot between 280-310FPS unless they have an extended inner barrel. CO2 pistols are the exception shooting much higher (360FPS+).

If a Canadian retailer has it for sale then it can be purchased, owned, and operated legally. They wouldn't be selling them if it was illegal.
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