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Originally Posted by pestobanana View Post
Had a KWA SR12, it was okay by definitely not worth the price tag when you hve brands like VFC around. It has stupid trades, and is not compatible with most buffer tubes. The gearbox itself is decent but it uses a two piece hop up unit, and is just not as good as VFC externally and internally.
Sorry to burst your bubble but, when it comes to AEGs, KWA has a much better internal build quality compared to VFC. VFC has the best externals and there's no question about it, But their internals are mid quality at best. KWA has the best material, fitment and overall finish on their internals. It's almost bullet proof if you don't fuck around with it. Only down side to KWA is their trade marks. It just sucks. The KWA SR12 is a good buy if no one has messed around with it.
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