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Originally Posted by thebreadbandit. View Post
Awesome, thanks for clearing up my ignorance on the subject. This is the first radio I've ever invested in, still learning and happy for all the info man.

Just cause of the thread title I want to point at this link again and say


It's not impossible to get your hands on them, but using one of those will definitely land you in hot water fast. And no one that you WANT to hear you, will. Nor will you hear anyone you're listenin' for.

At the end of the day, if all you can get your hands on is a cheap Cobra, you're still better off than most. And you can easily disable on MOST cheaper FRS units:

The art of radio's comes in listening. They're there for information gathering mostly. Often knowing what others are doing gives you massive tactical advantage, even if you can not transmit back to them.

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