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Id like to weigh in here.
being into both fitness and ww2 history re-enactment worked out perfectly for me.
are we running and gunning the whole time. no way. are we reliving what it was like for guys on both sides in the greatest conflict in human history....yes.
are we always rotating new guys thru who don't care. no way,
are we building solid friendships yes.
Do we have command structure with the knowledge and
commitment to build solid foundations... defiantly.
do we burn some serious better believe it. (as a side note...I ran tough mudder at 46 and this leaves me pooped at end of day)

here is some of what we experience......

midnight sentry duty in forest. dead quiet except for wind rustling leaves. knowing 1000% that there be no way the allies could creep to this position with out being heard 100 yards away but telling your buddy you heard them at 10 feet outside the trench.

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