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KJW P226 help!

Hey All,

So I'm brand new to all of this so please try and bear with me while I explain my situation. I purchased a KJW P226 GBB sidearm, the top half of the gun is metal while the bottom half is plastic. My mag release is jammed, so when I go to load a clip it won't secure properly and can risk falling out mid game. The gun shoots and handles fine but this little problem is a down right pain in the ass!

After taking it to a more experienced friend we discovered the issue. The mag release spring, the little V shaped spring that fits in the mag release button is faulty. We tried bending it back into place but it didn't fix the issue. Take a look at this online manual for more info:

NOTE - The faulty piece in mine is NO. 63 MAGAZINE OBTAINING SPRING

To play it safe I want to replace that piece as well as the surrounding pieces given how cheap it is to purchase:

No. 56 Magazine Obtaining Cover
No. 62 Magazine Obtaining Stopper
No. 63 Magazine Obtaining Spring
No. 64 Magazine Obtaining

__________________________________________________ __

And here lies my issue - I cannot for the LIFE of me find these pieces anywhere! I've had no luck getting through to KJ Works on there Asian or American sites. None of the popular airsoft websites have these pieces, I can't find a single replacement and the worst part of it is I'm one of the very few people to have this issue and no solution seems to be online.

I'm absolutely asking anyone for any information that could help me fix my gun, the gun itself is awesome, highly accurate and very enjoyable to shoot. But if I can't find these pieces I may have to consider other options
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