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The Long Story

Airsoft-Arena started as a project when I was a student. Me and my friend Marius (who is still part of the airsoft-arena team) built an early version of the website. There were only a few airsoft guns in the database, just for presentation purposes. This was 3 years ago. Since then we changed the design three times and gradually added new functionalities and grew the airsoft guns database. We were also joined by the third member of our team, Sebastian.
We added all guns made by some of the more notorious manufacturers: Ares, ASG, Cybergun, Classic Army, Echo 1, G&G, G&P, ICS, King Arms, KJW, KSC, KWA, KWC, LCT, Marushin, Real Sword, SRC, STAR, Tokyo Marui and VFC but the database is now more than a year old and some new products are available now that need to be added.
We also want to implement an easy method for users to be able to add an airsoft gun or update the information available for the already present guns.
Our goal is to stimulate airsofters all over the world to visit our site and browse the airsoft gun database and also contribute, adding information about airsoft guns, comment, make reviews and rate airsoft guns.
We have already implemented the possibility to create a user profile and to manage your personal information, ratings and comments. In the near future we will implement a lists feature for each user where you can track the guns you own and the guns you want and also a form for adding reviews. We also want to implement the possibility to mark discussions you want to watch and get an alert when something new was posted.
After we complete the gun database we will contact the major airsoft retailers all over the world and choose some of them by region and post on every gun page a link to the retailer's page of that gun. This way, users can go directly to the place where they can buy that gun. This way we hope we can also get some funds to continue updating and maintaining the website.
Another idea is to make some in-depth video reviews of airsoft guns. This means not only presenting the looks of the gun and its basic functionalities, but also disassembling it and presenting the inner parts and recommending upgrades if needed. The reviewed guns will be kept by us and if members of the community will have any more questions, we can anytime provide more information or do more videos, tutorials and tests.
We have lots of ideas for the website but little time to implement them all. When we started this project, we were students and had more free time available but now we had to get full time jobs as programmers.
We would love to earn our living by working only on this project but first the website needs to get more popular and maybe later on we can collaborate with airsoft related companies. But to achieve that we need support from the airsoft community.
Thatís why we ask you to register on the website, try out all its functionalities and let us know what you think about it. Send us suggestions on how to make the website more useful for you, what features you would like and also what we should change on the existing ones.
Please also consider making a donation with PayPal. Raising some funds for the project would help us really much to get going faster. It would motivate us and give us confidence that people are interested in this project and make us hope that one day we can earn our living by working only on

Thanks for reading and we are waiting for your feedback!

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