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Hello airsofters!

My name is Silviu and I want to present you a website:

What is Airsoft-Arena?
Itís a website created by me and two friends of mine, with the intention of building the largest airsoft gun database on the internet.

Motivation for creating airsoft-arena:
At the moment, there is no place on the web where you can find an airsoft gun database and I (as an airsoft player and airsoft gun collector) thought there should be a website where all airsofters can centralize all the information they have, so it would be easily accessible to others.

What does airsoft-arena offer at this moment?
- airsoft gun catalog with over 2000 airsoft guns
- individual page for each airsoft gun with stats and other information
- airsoft manufacturers list, grouped by region
- news module
- search system with relevant search results (even for guns with code names)
- airsoft guns filtering system based on multiple characteristics (class, propulsion, manufacturer...)
- user system with personal page
- user comments system for guns
- discussion boards for each airsoft gun
- airsoft guns rating system

What we want to implement in the future:
- latest discussions and most active topics section on homepage
- complete and up to date airsoft guns catalog
- comments system for news and manufacturer pages
- rating system for manufacturers
- reviews module that allows users to create an airsoft gun review or embed a review video
- a system that allows users to update the information for an airsoft gun
- wants & owns system for each user, allowing to have individual gun lists
- notification system for comments and discussions on each user's guns from their wants and owns lists
- shop links on each gun page, providing an easy way for the user to find a place to buy the gun
- possibility for users to upload pictures of their guns

Please have a look on the website and leave your feedback, positive or negative, doesnít matter, we would love to get it anyway.
If you like what we have done so far and think this is a good project, please support us by visiting the website, registering and using its features. Together we can grow the largest airsoft community and database on the web.
At the moment, our progress is very slow because we work only in our free time. If you think this project is worthy, consider making a PayPal donation and help us get going faster. Any amount is welcome.

Thanks for reading and we are waiting for your feedback!

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