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Originally Posted by kmn911 View Post
Hi All, new to airsoft.
I picked up a slightly used Kings Arms P90
Which is supposed to use a 8.4 1600mah battery.
I went to a local shop to pick up a battery and charger.
They did not have any NiMH 8.4 batteries.
The sales guy told me I can use a 7.4 LiPo. he said it would be fine.
But this is contary to what I have read online.....

Also he sold me a cheap cheap charger "supposed to be intelligent" but it's really plain.
I asked about using a IMAX B6 balance charger and he said, those are mainly for RC control people that want to squeeze more performance out of their cars.
And that it wouldn't make much difference out of an airsoft gun.....
But I'm thinking I want to squeeze more performance our of my airsoft gun so should I have gotten that???

Dunno why he would rather sell me the cheap item :???:
IMAX is a cheap charger which gets the job done. Airsoft guns are on/off shooting machines, so I doubt a well computer managed charging system is needed. He sold you a cheap charger, because most airsofters are cheap to begin with and don't see the need for a better charger.

I use my iCharger and Revolectrix Powerlab 8 for airsoft and all my other Lipo charging needs including helis and RC cars. If you want the best Lipo charging system, that would be it. These are multi-chemistry chargers and charges anything.

Get a iCharger 106, this is an older charger that RC racers don't use anymore and can be had for $60 and beats any of these cheaper chargers.

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