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Vanaras PRR

Hey guys...
Looking at putting these in a team for Intra section comms.
Longer range comms will be done with other Sets.

Looking for real world user input on the Vanaras 446Mhz PRR Bowman Clone.
(Yes I know this is set for PMR frequencies for UK use)

I need to know comms reliability (will it send / receive reliably.

I need to know about comms integrity (will I be able to send a legible message without drop out and receive with drop out)

I need to know about Power consumption (These are 3V so I will be carrying more AA)

I need to know about the specified range... If they work within 500M of each other LOS then I can work with that.

Issues you have run into when using this? Build quality ? Ancilliary equipment issues?

Thanks Guys
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