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Which VFC M4 Variant?

Well new to airsoft a buddy got me just started .
And I have played a few games, and am now looking to purchase a gun.
I have a 800$ Budget to play around with (gun only), and from what I have heard VFC is the best M4's in that range.

Have a few questions.

Are the the variant the same internally?

I mostly play outdoors (400 FPS limit), and would like a gun that is light not a huge barrel, but still has great distance and accuracy.

I was also curious to see on a site starting with "Trigger" a retailer, I noticed they have normal VFC and *MODDED" VFC's that are almost 1/4 of the price, what is the difference?

Can these guns run 11.1 out of the box? or will the damage be significant ?

Basically what I am asking is what, not massive VFC M4 should I get for outdoor play.
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