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I joined this group back in Aug when i first got into airsoft, im telling you boys it the best decision i made last year. its a great community and a chance to share or learn some history, but dont listen to me find out for yourself. There is a Level 2 game on March 1st in which all the details can be found on website Brian provided. If you cant make that come out to TAC 14 on March 15th and check out our displays, allied and axis ..... we will have uniforms,weaopons and gear to show.

Also as they have stated there are many units to choose from allied and axis.... but if WWII regular U.S infantry is your style check out the 1st Infantry Division Ontario Living History Group, dedicated to honoring the men of the "Big Red One" in WWII

Like i said which ever group you choose you cant go wrong all are here to share the same passion !
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