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Originally Posted by ATREYU
The guy that owns Airsoft Scotland is a friend of mine, so I'll ask him what he can do to get em over here.
I've spoken with him for over an hour on the phone about these things. ANY pyrotechnic device being imported, sold, or used in Canada MUST be on this list. No exceptions. Getting it on there will be an uphill struggle and the company I work for has a lot of experience getting explosives approvals successfully completed. It's also expensive, which we're willing to fund. Once it's approved a sea container will be booked and an order placed.

Trying to get them before they're approved, either legally or otherwise, will put more nails in the coffin of this project. This isn't something Joe Blow can call up to a government office, get rubber-stamped, and mail a case worth across the ocean. If the Explosives Division gets requests from young males looking for "hand grenades" to use in their wargames, you can bet there'll be a cold reception for the actual approval request. This is a bureaucracy, and they can very easily say NO if they don't like what they hear.

We know what we're doing and we'll try to get them. Now that the fireworks season is winding down we'll have more opportunity to concentrate on new products such as these.
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