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I can shed some light.

Correct, they are not double polished which is why we did not associate the line with the premium line - we did not want to mislead anyone that we had release a premium double polish +.30g as it would have been dishonest. It was an experiment that did not meet our premium standard but that being said, they are pretty damn good for the price. We won't be running that line again, so, while we have a good supply of them, once they are gone, they will be gone for good.

We're currently working on perfecting a double polish +.30g BB line, its just that the materials above .30g resist our current fine polish methods in that it results with pitting due to the harder material. They work fine with single fire gas guns as that type of feedpath and firing mechanism does not stress the BB surface the way your typical AEG, PTW or other mag fed system does. We don't want to harden the BB too much as it would damage a full auto feedpath - in fact, ALL of the manufacturers we've tested (virtually all the North American ones) are too hard for full auto - its a reason why you're seeing a drought on heavies. I'd rather not have a heavyweight that would do full auto damage than sell something that could damage our customers guns, and cause anyone to distrust our brand. The current FRAG .36g is full-auto safe because its 95% the same material as the < .30g so I am not worried about it, but the result is you simply can't double polish it. From what I have heard though, people are quite happy with it. I won't be happy until we have a .36g and a .40g in double polish, and hopefully, WHITE.
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