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My advice?

For average skirmishes/light mil-skirm.. an even 1/2 dozen rounds, max, should do fine.

I've had a standalone, single-shot grenade launcher in the past - just wasn't worth the weight to carry vs opportunity to fire at optimal target factor (based upon a SCAR EGLM standalone frame). It got traded for something that was marginally less useless to me.

I do have an ICS based M4A1 with barrel mount M203 long.. it is a relatively heavy weapon to be lugging around the briar-patch. It's more of an attractive wall hanger than anything.

Don't get me wrong, the M203's are fun as hell to trigger off .. i've just found that there isn't all that much opportunity to effectively use them (I haven't gone to a field where 'room clearing' is a necessity.. where their forte may be at).

When i do field it (outdoor field), I've found that carrying 4 shells is adequate.

I use two paintball grenade shells, and had 2 conventional KA 120rnd shells (traded the KA shells off - need to get two replacements eventually).

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