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Many years ago we had a neighbour with a little boy. This kid would torture their pet cat, tried to nuke it, tried the washing machine, was stopped just before you using a hammer and nails. So they give the away to a better, not hard. This kid was about 12 he is now around 35 I think. Last I heard he is serving a life sentence for murder.
So yes It is very true if you can hurt innocent animals then humans are just the next logical step. I pushed an older man into the Ottawa River last year for whipping his dog with a chain link leash. His LAB was an unfixed male and my Golden was a fixed female. I kept telling him it was okay but he went shithead on the dog. The authorities arrived shortly after he got himself out of the water and he tried to have me arrested. The cops so the marks on the dog, took his dog away and that was that.
I've also broken windows of cars where A holes have there pets in swelter heat!
I love animals, especially dogs and I hate the general public.
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