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Originally Posted by ATREYU
I have used all of these things while playing in Scotland. First of all, the green/black grenades are paint grenades. The smoke grenades are not very good, they only produce smoke for about 30 - 60 seconds. The stun grenades are very loud, and therefore fun to toss at unsuspecting newbs! I was going to bring some of these goodies home from Scotland on my trip home back in July, but the airline, n/m canada customs would never have allowed it. The guy that owns Airsoft Scotland is a friend of mine, so I'll ask him what he can do to get em over here.
Atreyu, I'm sure you could make a killing if you brought things like the patato mashers over here, the WW2 nuts would eat those up with a fork and knife.

I'd love the pull ring flashes, we use thunder's at the atlantic game, however they could possibly blow up in someones face. Which would make quite a mess. I was thinking about emailing A.S.S (spells ass, yeah I know) and asking them about importing some of their pyros.

If you take the time to browse their site, your jealousy levels would grow considerably.
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