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Thanks for the pics, sorry but the migrain dulled my senses more than normal.
I thought it was a fix to make the hammer cock further back/down.

There has been a lot of wailing about the weight of metal slides compared to stock tupperware slides.
On my analog kitchen scale the stock slide assembled with sights, blowback housing and nozzle weighs about 97 grams
the aluminium surgeon slide assembled with sights, blowback housing and nozzle weighs somewhere around 115 grams
But total reservations that my kitchen scale may be completely bunkers,
I thinking of buying a digital kitchen scale tomorrow and get some real numbers if you really want them that much?

I have just dis-assembled and re-assembled the 5.1 a couple of times and peeked at the contact surfaces. I definitely need a new hammer and "sear?"

So bunged out as is, I started filing down the hammer.
My first quest is to judge if this is the leading culprit to the present troubles.

(Last night I stripped down the bjhousing and buffed the contact surfaces, but did not do much good.)
Strange thing I have a notion that taking her apart and plussing together slightly affects the smoothnes how the slide rides on the frame...

Anyway thanks mates,

I'll updejt you if I make any glorious discoveries

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