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Alright, attached are 4 pictures.

One picture shows how the hammer and sear align when the hammer is in battery/resting/unable to shoot.

Picture two shows the hammer as the slide pushes it back, the hammer pivots on its post and engages that first tooth. This is the half cocked position.

Picture three shows the hammer in its fully cocked position. The slide has pushed the hammer down and it has engaged.

Now, my problem was, that as the slide came back and pushed the hammer down it easily cleared the half cock tooth.


It did not always make it to the fully cocked tooth and the hammer would be stuck between the half cock and full cock tooth and the blowback housing would get caught on the hammer (obviously).

So, by pushing the hammer down manually and noticing the LARGE gap between the blowback housing and the hammer when the hammer was engaged properly with the full cock tooth, i decided that if i filed the full cock tooth shorter. (picture 4)

this gets hard to explain --- ok so by filing the full cock tooth shorter, it allowed the hammer to be pushed down by the slide and engage the tooth sooner. However, by doing this it also decreases the distance between the blowback housing and the top of the hammer ( remember my hammer and blockback housing had a big gap)

Now, the slide cycles, the hammer gets pushed down and perfectly engages the full cock tooth.

As far as i can tell, your sear is engaging the full cock tooth perfectly fine and still hitting the blowback housing?

The only thing I could think to solve that problem is basically the reverse of what i did... You need MORE material in the teeth and sear to hold the hammer lower.

It is a common problem with stock... i say common... it has happened to me... with stock marui internals because they are not steel.. after time the repeated catching and releasing deforms the sear and hammer teeth causing the hammer to sit higher and higher (Even though its fully engaged) this will lead to jamming on the blowback housing.

New internals should fix this because they will 'replace' the worn out materials but then you can always run into problems like what i just described...

Basically it comes down to knowing what youre looking for. I understand that there are no gun docs around and youre kind of on your own. Just do your research and take your time.

Lazouche custom shop - youtube - has made many videos about 1911 platforms and it is a great wealth of information. It is possible that in one of his videos you might be able to find the info you are looking for.
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