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Originally Posted by jomor View Post
WW2 airsoft was the reason I got interested in Airsoft in the first place. However I live in Ottawa and as of yet I don't know of anyone who does WW2
around here.
By the way I have a complete FJ load out and a Brit/CDN Para load out. All I need are helmets. The problem is my head is size 63 or 7 and 7/8s. If anyone see either please let me know.
I think I met Tiker and Tac12. Where there and bought a PPSH? We talked outside on the street for a while.
OP Woodsman!!!! It's in Spencerville, right near Ottawa.

Don't miss it! Get in touch with Karsten Heidt (posted earlier in this thread somewhere) he runs 5.FJR, phenomenal lads.
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