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Nope, you are just trying to mask an issue that you have not yet diagnosed. Buying any upgrade part will not magically "make most our troubles disappear".
Diagnose summary,
It does not lock up properly, the stock plastic outer barrel does not move properly over the hopup/inner barrel. The plastic outer barrel have issues fitting stripped down inside the slide. The assembled handgun have a slightly fishy angle on outer barrel, due partly to the squeeze fit between hopup/outer barrel inside the frame.

The plastic stock barrel and housing cannot be be filed down the width of the squeeze. Hopup for obvious reasons, the outer barrel because it is chromed plastic. (once through the chrome the plastic stock barrel is a joke that wont make many laughs before broke)
However I COULD file a metal outer barrel IF necessary.

Thats a quick summary as to why I ask if a metal outer barrel helped other out fitting the slide.

Unfortunately the closest gunsmith around is 100 miles away (as in 1000 kilometers single way) and he deals not in airsoft but in the powder powered equals...
About gunsmithing skills, I suck!
I have not that much experience in pistol gunsmithing, it's limited to tricking out two CZ Shadows and a Walther P22 short version. I unfortunately have little more experience trimming revolvers, somewhere in the neighbourhood of 125-175 Smith & Wessons and a handful colts/rugers due to the fact my mates is in the same situation as me, and for some reason the keep coming to me. (poor bastards)
To clarify it means about zilch, zero, nada when comes to the issue at hand, an Airsoft pistol. Pistols are a different game altogether...

So I deeply appreciate your patience and participation mates!

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