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Originally Posted by Trixshooter View Post
First of all thanks mates for your time following the thread and sharing pointers!

I should have started with Gunsmiths is a "no go!" in my area (=Furtherst northern desolate wilderness of Sweden) so I am left only option to fix it myself.

Thanks for the reference Turok,
in that comparison - so about 40-ish BB's metal-slided, how many did yours do stock?

I need the reference to learn about what efficiency I should expect AND make an educated guess when I reached the optimum fitting and function.
Unfortunately I have no choice but fit the parts my-flamingnoobly-self :hammer:

Pherhaps I'll do some pics and share in thread if helpful? opcorn:

As a reference, I can shoot a full mag + 3 to 5 more bb's. I have a SD frame/SD slide, SD nozzle, AS BBU, and im using the STOCK recoil spring with washers to assist with cycling speed. Im not a big fan of using heavy springs especially on metal slide as it eats away the gas efficiency given the heaviness of the slide already. I prefer to short stroke the gun instead. As long as I can finish all the bb's in the mag with one fill of gas, I'm content.

Here is another reference for you. My friend and I worked on his race gun with plastic slide, custom modded the BBU to shut the gas earlier, short stroked it using Japanese method combined with as many washers/buffer as possible. He was able to get over 2 mags worth of bb's with one fill. The slide cycled so fast that you couldn't even see the slide cycle, and there was barely any recoil. Looked something like this, notice how the red dot barely moves:

Japanese Air Soft Race Guns - YouTube
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