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Originally Posted by Kos-Mos View Post
It should last a LOT longer than 2 weeks. Then again 900 rnds in a pistol in 2 weeks is a bit insane.

Then I'll most definitely wont spill I average +2k rounds/weekly the last 15 years in my powder powered revolvers/pistols
(The thought here was to save some dough and able to practice more without the drive to the range and the minus 37 degrees outdoors)

I appreciate your expert opinion suggestions very much
(as I am a flaming noob when it comes to airsoft)

The things I received and doesnt work whatsoever are following items

airsoft surgeon/gun bro's toblerone ported/lightened slide
airsoft surgeon extreme lightened bb housing
airsoft surgeon enhanced nozzle/muzzle
airsoft surgeon mainspring
airsoft surgeon hammer spring
ra-tech bucking (reviewed as winner over nineball on youtube)
aip short-stroke-dingdong kit
aip hopup
pdi 6.01 inner barrel
shooters mag lips

I was told, saw on youtube, read on the websites - that the slide is an drop in. (A friend ordered a different brand slide "shooters design that actually fits a lot better on his TM, then my choices does my TM.)

I gunsmithed two days now, almost around the clock, and drop-in my ass (pardon the french)
It is up to 17 BB's/ mag refill
(Stock I got 62 BB's on one gas refill, and then some)

I even put up a thread writing down what I fixed,
but the TM will not work properly...
(My mate has pretty much identical problems with his slide fitting.)

What would you estimate the difference is after upgrading,
if I get +60 BB's stock TM,
how many should I expect with metal slide?

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