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Originally Posted by Trixshooter View Post
Okidoki, here comes the details,
I want metal slide since my plastic lasted 2 weeks.

It should cycle fast

I also appreciate snappy locktime

Gas efficiant is a preferred bonus

And most of all I want a reliable workhorse that I can practice with (not constantly repair when most needed)

Recoil is not a priority, probably only good if it has recoil as my aim is to practice my IRL shooting using this as an replacement when arctic climate prevents outdoors practice.

So what is your advice based on this premise?

(I have received some upgrades already, but if you have better expert solutions it is never to late to change to reach enlightenment.)


If you want you gun to cycle fast, your slide assembly should be as light as possible, plastic is the fastest since its lighter than metal. Alternatively, if you want a metal slide, get one that is ported, and lightest, and a feather weight BBU by airsoft surgeon. You can also add buffers/washers or second stage recoil spring for snappier recoil and higher ROF, but if you add too many buffers, your gun will not lock when your magazine is empty.

If you want accuracy, get either the TK twist or PDI 6.01 with firefly, 9ball, or A+ reaps hop up rubber.

If you want good gas efficiency, ensure that the seal between the air nozzle/gas route is tight, air nozzles/piston head is tight, and the hop up chamber/rubber is tight. You can use 9ball gas route on your magazines for a better seal. However, I would suggest you assess the seal on your current setup and see if it is required before replacing parts immediately.

You can also get steel hammer, hammer strut, sear, disconnector and valve knocker to increase durability. There are many brands that make steel internals, a lot of them come out from the same factory.

Dont forget that getting upgrade parts is only one equation, what is equally important is learning how to put it together and ensuring that each part fits.

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