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"Features Include:
The casings are stronger than the standard ones, so they won't crush as easily in your pocket.
Made from recycled paper pulp with dried peas as the 'shrapnel', they are 100% biodegradable.
The seams are 100% sealed, providing a bigger bang and wider spread of the shrapnel.
Available in CQB Black or woodland green to blend in with the environment.
These are the lowest price in the country. "

No kidding! What's war-sim without grenades!??!! The above description reminds me a LOT of the grenades my team uses (right down to the died peas "shrapnel", except ours look like toilet paper rolls for some reason).......... when we are allowed to of course, which is not that often. Safe enough that having one go off 5ft away from you hurts less than a spriger shooting .12g BBs at the same distance. No fun when realism, however safe, is shunned. Too bad we can't get any of the above into the country though, grenades definitely up the realism and the fun to any game!
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