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Originally Posted by Trixshooter View Post
Howdy mates,

I purchased a TM Hi-Capa 5.1 2-3 weeks ago,
the mag never worked properly to begin with and the plastic slide cracked after a week. (I returned it to the retailer thats currently having a look at it.)

Being the total flaming noob I am, I came to the realization it probably needs some upgrading (if I get an replacement that is) to hold together if I get the crazy notion of using it.
Thus I have two questions for you expert mates here,
Would a TM 5.1 hold together for usage if I upgrade some internals & metal slide?
(The idea I had was to see if I could practice some IPSC if I got an airsoft)

And looking at parts I would like to install this kind of trigger,

BUT - It clearly needs a corresponding part to puzzle together with that I seem unable to locate. Where do I purchase the "inner" part of the trigger?

You opinions and help to locate the lacking trigger part would be greatly appreciated!

The stock Marui slide was meant for duster, so propane may cause premature wear or cracks on the slide. If you want to do ipsc, it really depends on what you are trying to achieve (ie. fast cycling? High rof? Less recoil for fast acquisition of targets? Accuracy?) all of these will affect the internals you install.

Some ipsc players I know use plastic slides and short stroking to achieve insane cycling rates. Other like to use metal slides with enhance air nozzles and light weight bbu and stiffer hammer springs, and adjustable triggers to decrease trigger pull. So the hicapa platform has many upgrades, it all depends on what you want to achieve.

Hope this helps.
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