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TM 5.1 Hi-Capa troubleshooting help!

My Hi-Capa threw in the towel after two weeks and some 800bb's...

RMA turnaround time 3 weeks, it came back with more faults than I returned it with.

Trying to fix it myself now, but it does not work properly.
Thus I humbly ask for your expert help mates!

Got these replacements,
airsoft surgeon/gun bro's toblerone ported/lightened slide
airsoft surgeon extreme lightened bb housing
airsoft surgeon enhanced nozzle/muzzle
airsoft surgeon mainspring
airsoft surgeon hammer spring
ra-tech bucking (reviewed as winner over nineball on youtube)
aip short-stroke-dingdong kit
aip hopup
pdi 6.01 inner barrel
shooters mag lips
asoc (and some other crap)

Threw the shxxxeit together,
it does not cycle right so I need your expert help sorting her out mates!

The last small bit before lockup it sticks.
Further the slide also feels like hanging up on the hammer on its way back forward again...
Now I only get a couple of BBs out of the mag that when new - I gassed and got two full clips of BB's out of that same single gas refill...

I tricked out any and all sources of mis-fitness I could narrow down.
In plain swedish I got wild with the files, then rabid, then berserk...
In detail I filed to get the plastic outer barrel and the aip hopup thinner - as the combined team was to thick and squashed together preventing lug lockup. (Pherhaps the incredible hulk could force it to lockup- but wouldnt call it a smooth ride tho...)
Also threw out the RA bucking as it apparantly worsened all problems...
I filed on the plastic lugs, and rounded off the lugs in the slide.
filed down the rails for smoother slideride,
(marked with black marker pen and adressed the issues highlighted)
The slidestop would not align, so I adressed the lockup until it appears right on.
The list is already to long...

How can I fix it, can I?

Yeeep, forgot sometimes the magazine just pushes all gas through the barrel until empty in one loooong flush...

So with this long "swe-nglish" description I am at your knowledged mercy mates!
What to do?

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