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Why does Airsoft Scotland get to have all the fun?

King Arms Rail cover with tac switch recess
A RIS rail cover which is formed to accept your tac switch for lights or lasers. Comes with adaptor inserts to fit 16mm and 24mm remote switches. Constructed from nylon which is almost impossible to break.

Summer Pyro-Maniac Special! (While stocks last) are happy to bring you a one off, never to be repeated deal which will save all you grenade fans a fortune.

We have 10,000 (200 boxes) of these superb grenades which were surplus from another order so we need to get rid of them to make room in our warehouse.

Don't let the rock-bottom price put you off, there are no catches, this is a genuine deal! These grenades are physically the same size as Enola ones but are in our opinion better quality and more reliable. GUARANTEED.

Features Include:
The casings are stronger than the standard ones, so they won't crush as easily in your pocket.
Made from recycled paper pulp with dried peas as the 'shrapnel', they are 100% biodegradable.
The seams are 100% sealed, providing a bigger bang and wider spread of the shrapnel.
Available in CQB Black or woodland green to blend in with the environment.
These are the lowest price in the country.

Mk9 German stick grenade
A superb new addition to our expanding choice of pyro's!

This is a Mk9 thunderflash contained within a scaled down replica German WWII potato masher grenade. It works just like the real thing too; you pull off the bottom cap to release the fuse cord from within the hollow handle, pull the fuse cord and throw the grenade. Whadooooom!

These look SO smart, you will be unhappy blowing them up.....

Ring-pull Tennis-ball grenade
At last!

No more broken strikers or exploding pockets! Just pull the ring (very hard...) and dispose of in an orderly manner.


*NEW* Stun Grenade. *IN STOCK!*
The best pyro we have offered so far! These babies contain a 6-10sec smoke grenade which upon ignition release a good deal of very fast output white smoke. Just as the 'enemy' think they are safe because you have chucked a smoke grenade at them, the stun content releases a salvo of flash-bangs equivalent to 4xMk5 thunderflashes. Each thunderflash detonates approx half a second apart which is an underpants-filling drumroll!

So, you throw the grenade, the enemy smirks as they prepare to shoot you through the smoke screen you have laid down, then Bang!-Bang!-Bang!-Bang! you smirk back at them with a wink as their brown 'adrenaline' runs down the side of their combat boots with your BB's floating on the top. Or was that too much detail?

Oh yes!

*NEW* 90sec Military style screening smoke. *IN STOCK!*
These brand new smokes are absolutely awesome! One and a half minutes of HIGH output white screening smoke. The dummy ring-pulls are for attaching to your webbing and add to that realistic 'cool-factor'. They have a regular break off and strike cap for safety.

Another huge benefit these have is their weight; 170g ensures a decent enough mass which provides the thrower with extra distance and accuracy without accidentally cracking your opponents skull if your aim is as good as that of a drunken octopus. The case is very thick heavy duty cardboard which does not heat up in use and is also environmentally friendly.

A Dangerzone 50sec smoke is shown in the photo as an indication of size. For reference, a DZ smoke weighs 45g.

The best bit about these is the price. We are charging only 3.50 for these huge smokes!

Can only be sent by our Courier NOT via Post Office

That settles it, I'm moving to Scotland. :salute:
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