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Originally Posted by CR0M View Post
this has got me and the other guys talking about it. I think I should at the very least give it a try before knocking it.

I like the effort it seems you guys put into your games. And the idea that the roster of players are committed players. Regular milsims can be a mixed bag of rosters going right to the end, or tossing in the towel at a certain point.

2 questions.

Do you find the level of commitment at games generally higher? (than regular airsoft milsims)

And do you ever do Vietnam era games or is it just WWII?
Effort into the games is just part of it, effort goes into all aspects, clothing, equipment, weapons, food, when it all comes together at an event, it's quite something. The big difference is that the people are committed to their faction, Allied or Axis, and to their unit within the faction long term so you end up with a group of people who work together all the time.

Commitment to the battle, is never a question because each faction and unit has solid and effective leadership, and the units remain cohesive start to finish.

There is a whole other community of Vietnam reenactors, small but vital.
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