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Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
As for leaving pets in vehicles, I always ask people to be careful with this. Obviously, you want to ensure that the pet is in danger. I've been approached twice by people who weren't paying attention, and if I'd have found a broken window, I would've skinned them.

I have two huskies, purebred Siberian, and they are family, my best friends. One summer it was hot out, and I came out of a store to find a guy and a store clerk peering into my truck. They were upset that I left my dogs in there. My 8 seater, Yukon XL has AC in every row, and the cargo area. I left my truck running while I went inside, and left all the vents open. Needless to say, my truck was brisk inside. Huskies would succumb to heat quite quickly, compared to almost any dog.

Second incident was in winter. It was about minus 10• or so. A lady was waiting for me at my truck, and threatening to call the police. I explained that they are huskies, and can survive in the extreme cold. Not to mention that they prefer cold weather, and were all sprawled out on the rubber floor. My truck was off for this one.
Very true Ricochet. there are instances where it is perfectly okay to do a quick 5 minute in-out.

I guess I should be more clear with the vehicle incident.

I stood by the guys car for 25 minutes and the first 15 the dog was freaking out, the next ten he was laying on the back seat panting with his eyes half open. Not even a window cracked open for him.

That's when I got fed up and walked back to my car to grab a bottle of water and a tire iron. It was still nearly an hour of sitting with the dog giving him water before the big bitch came out of the store freaking out on me.

The cops and animal control gave me no shit over the incident and the cop actually told the guy, who was yelling at me, and the cops, to shut his "fucking dick hole" (actual words used) before he put him in cuffs for animal cruelty.
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