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When this came on the news, i had to give each of my cats a good cuddle.. almost to reassure them that this sorta shit wouldn't happen to them - like they have an awareness of this sort of cruelty. Thank Jebus that they won't, while in my care.

To see this shit going on, on a regular basis.. well, i guess this is why i don't really get along all that well with a lot of 'humans'. Major trust issues. This particular case of cruelty left me feeling sick to my stomach, to read about. Unfortunately, it's but the tip of the iceberg.

I've had cats all of my life, and it pretty much rips the soul out of me, when i have to take one in to humanely put down due to terminal illness or advanced old age - I simply can't comprehend/understand how someone can be so callous to animals in this manner of cruelty - wild, domesticated, or food-stock.

Current owner of one SPCA adult rescue, and one take-in that was evidently abandoned because he was spraying, and the arsehole(s) who dumped him was too cheap to neuter.
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