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Waivers no mater how well written, and how much bold text with red fonts are not like tequila.

They will not make you ten feet tall, invisible, and bulletproof.

It's just as likely that they may not dissuade a nuisance person from deciding to sue you, their lawyer from doing everything in their power to make settling seem like a good idea to you, or you own lawyer from submitting substantial bills for hours and letter writing. Remember your defense won't be working on contingency. They get their fee win or loose.

It would be interesting to add in what it cost in time and money for those noted cases to get filed in the win column.

If you're a young guy living paycheck to paycheck, renting a room and driving a beat down Toyota you may feel safe as you're not a tasty target but cross paths with the wrong person and you're looking at a few miserable years.

This is the key reason why I hate playing with minors. They can't form consent and person dropping them in your sights may just turn on you if the payday sounds right and why I don't like facing off against players with safety glasses.

You can talk all you want about how those two cases made their own beds but in reality if you participate in their negligence you're leaving your flank open. Airsoft is pretty grey activity it is hard to create a shield that can fit on the back of a blank sheet of paper.
Airsoft, where nothing is hurt but feelings.
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