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Originally Posted by Trev140_0 View Post
And by the way, organizing a bunch of guys together to go mountain biking can carry just the same risk. Guy wipes out on the tail and winds up in a wheel chair. He says the guy who got me to go riding caused this.


The issue goes back to the first comment I made. Get solid players together..

But if your out to just fill a field and collect as much cash, you likely will not succeed for very long.

This is why i made this post.

Intelligent replies based on facts and experience. Ive been saying the same for years. Crappy players lead to crappy games.

I hosted games last season at my local field. My partner seemed more concerned with how many people h could stuff onto the field. Without thinking about the quality of play that we were getting. In the end I had to walk away before it could ruin the good name I have worked hard to build in this little world of airsoft we live in. At the end of the day Its the little things like player saftey, self respect and quality of game play that keep me Comming back to field. And If you cant offer that then dont waste our time.
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