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Reintroduced my self.

Hello airsoft canada community.

I know I'm not new here, but I think I need to Introduced my self properly.
My name is Carl, I'm 22 and I've been long time subscribed in Airsoft Canada even Aged Verified. I've been owner of 3 AEG, I still have my Classic Army AR-15 (M16) sold my AGM Sten and my SRC HK416 gen.2(I think) tinted lower body is really dead and also have a co2 gbb sw40f.

Why I'm doing this, is because I've been like most of my friends or other young airsoft fan (or so called players that never have played a ''real game''). I have done almost every mistake that can be done in airsoft. How ? Well go read those post of what to do and what not to as a New player. Except the part of safety that I have never did and never will never do. I still got a brain! Now is time for me to restart from the basic part of how to start in Airsoft.

Anyway, I don't need to go in further details. Nice to see much more new player and be safe on the field. Hope to see you in event's !

-Classic Army m15 modified (WorkInProgress)
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