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If I found these cunts I'd tie them up and shoot out one of their eyes. Fucking ridiculous.

Same goes for people leaving their pets in vehicles in summer or winter. I personally have broken vehicle windows in parking lots of grocery stores to free animals in oppressive heat and stood there waiting until the owners get back. I had one golden lab with a VERY long and thick coat that I freed and stood with for a fucking hour before the owner got back to the vehicle freaking out. It was 35C outside with the humidex. This asshole was so belligerent that I called police and subsequently animal control and had them remove the dog from his possession. Not sire if he got charged, but I know that he never got his dog back, thank the lord.

Fact of the matter is there are so many people with animals that should NEVER get the privilege to own so much as a hamster. Anyone who is cruel to animals may as well be being cruel to a child; they are both innocent and in most cases helpless, and if you are cruel in any sense you should go to jail for a very long time for being an inhumane asshole.
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