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Originally Posted by Desmodus View Post
As an owner of two cat's, the little guys are practically like family members to me, and seeing the kind of cruel shit that people can do to these innocent animals pisses me off to NO END. Why? Why would someone do something like that? I just don't understand...

Needless to say, I hope they catch the fuckers responsible, lock'em up for a long time and bar them from owning pets forever!
Originally Posted by Ricochet View Post
Yeah, animal cruelty is making a comeback. People starving their dogs/cats is the new fad going around. In Calgary, they found a two year old husky someone had taped its mouth shut and it slowly starved in an alley way. Alone, tired, in pain. Later they found a cat there as well I believe, same thing. I heard they finally have some suspects though. I hope they get at least a year in prison for every hour those animals suffered like that.
+1 seriously, as a previous pet owner it pains me to see news of animal cruelty...

It's like the poor thing is just trying to live its life. They are innocent, its not like they have done anything wrong and who cares if they ripped out your couch, these pets don't know any better!

I feel like some people really need to take a course before owning a pet, at least to know what they are getting themselves into...
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