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Quality of participants is EVERYTHING, good players bring the game with them. the host , the scenario .. all of that is immaterial if you have good players. ( Of course there are exceptions in which the hosting is so poor, so disjointed that the whole game suffers.. I personally have had some games go sideways.. and it ain't pretty)

the principle conflict in large public games is that they attract a broad cross section of participants from "hard core milsimmers" to hoody clad 1st timers out for a lark. For the milsim crowd the "tourists" really ruin the game .. for the 1st timers the milsim crowd spoil their fun because they are "so serious"

The game attempts to appeal to a broad base.. and just ends up not meeting the needs of anyone.

This is one of the reasons I am so keen on WWII games.. the barrier for entry is pretty high, so you have a greater likelihood that everyone in attendance is on the same page with respect to what they want out of the event.
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