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Would any of you ever play at an uninsured field?

Already answered; insurance isn't a player concern.

What do you look for in a field?

I look for a good group of players with no drama.

What would it take to keep you coming back to a field?

A good group of players with no drama.

What do you look for in a game host?

Someone who can setup an event and adjust on the fly. Anyone who likes building one sided games that let their team win or puts up a complex encyclopedia of rules and explanations paired with a D&D style scripted game that will disintegrate into a skirmish ten minutes into play need not apply. If it's a skirmish set it up as that from the start.

How important is field safety to you?

Safety is critical. Player safety rules like proper eye wear, no home made TNT as pyro, no structures built by a team of ten year olds with discarded pallets and blue twine. I'd rather have no structures than something that falls apart in a stiff breeze.
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