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Insurance, for who?

Insurance generally is to protect the land owner from claims made against him for negligence.

More often than not Game hosts , who actually take on quite a bit of liability through the act of hosting a event carry no insurance to protect themselves.

Players also are often uninsured, so if a player through their negligence injures another player, they would not have any protection afforded to them for their negligence. Your home owner or tenant insurance policy may provide you with liability protection for claims made against you.

The fact is an "uninsured" field is not a risk to the players so much as a risk to the Owner.
A game host is probably never insured unless the host is also the owner and they have insurance.

To a large degree the informed consent supplied by the players when they come onto the property is "insurance" in and of itself, though a determined litigator can defeat any waiver.

As field owner I have a responsibility to provide a "safe environment" falling down and smashing you leg on a fallen log in a woodland field is not and "unsafe environment" one would expect fallen logs in a woodland.

falling onto a pile of broken glass left dumped on the field is another thing altogether, that would in fact be negligence on the part of the field owner, Unless the hazard was clearly marked and barricaded.

The one person who is by and large at the largest exposure for claims is also the one person most unlikely to to have any protection, that is the game Host. They invite the players, they set up the game, they administer the conduct of it .. yet they have no protection at all.

Each and every time I or anyone else chooses to host a game we accept the risk of financial ruin, The loss of income, and of property. Be good to game hosts , Money does not pay for what they give you.
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