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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
I have always been interested in playing this period and your post piqued my interest. I'm assuming that you've played in a few "longer than skirmish" games, when you say equipment restrictions I have a few questions regarding food and water. I will assume that camel backs are a no no but do you generally only allow water from canteens and Gerry cans or do you not bother to go into it that far?
I usually carry 2 .5L canteens on me. One on the side of a bread bag where German solider would have his, one in my bread bag. If it's hot I'll drink out of both, if it's cold than one is for drinking, one is for making hot coffee/tea or hot food. Esbit stove with a bunch of solid fuel tablets can get you .5L of hot coffee in under 15 minutes.
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