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Originally Posted by Eeyore View Post
I have always been interested in playing this period and your post piqued my interest. I'm assuming that you've played in a few "longer than skirmish" games, when you say equipment restrictions I have a few questions regarding food and water. I will assume that camel backs are a no no but do you generally only allow water from canteens and Gerry cans or do you not bother to go into it that far?
Good question.

Everyone carries about a litre of water in a canteen.

We bring a larger ( 20L) container so we can refill when necessary. right now this is a Modern container.. but I am working on a proper period solution.

Water was often carried in 5, 10 and 20L aluminium jugs .. though these are getting rare to find in a condition that can be returned to service.

We have an Insulated Haybox ( actual period German insulated food container) within which enough food for the squad can be carried. If possible we serve fresh rations in the field. (At OP woodsman we fed the troops fresh rations in the field .. While under fire )

If not , then each man should have enough food for a 24 hour period in their bread bag. I often carry a couple hard sausages, some hard cheese and bread, Chocolate, and of course Cigars and or tobacco and a pipe.

In my Mess tin, I carry a small Espresso maker, and some coffee and Sugar. with my esbit stove I can have a hot brew up going in minutes anywhere.

the ideal is to neither bring nor use ANY modern tech or equipment or provisions.. Basically no plastic.
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